Book Release

Don't Let Go is now available!

H. Lodin has completed her first children's book called 'Don't Let Go'. This book will be available shortly on Kindle however the paperback can be purchased currently on CreateSpace. If you have little ones at home this is a perfect book to illustrate the value of friendship. Explaining that as long as you have one another you can get through anything.

It's Officially Published

Mutiny Parts 1-3 are officially released! Available on Nook, Kindle and Paperback please if you snatch one remember to let others know what you think. Unfortunately as the paperback is print on demand I'm unable to lower the price do to manufacturing costs as well shipping. I am still working on the next book, Retribution, so stay tuned for a future release. I am also on facebook, twitter, Instagram and tumblr if you have any questions or feel like discussing anything regarding the book. I hope you all enjoy reading the books now and have as much fun as I did writing them.