Pursuing a Bachelors in Creative Writing

Looks like I'll be a new student at Southern New Hampshire University this semester! One of the great things I love about my job is the ability and time to find out what I want to do when I grow up. Prior to this I was attending college for a business management degree. However as time went on and I began to understand where my passions actually lye, it became clear to me that I love to write. Wanting to make this my career of choice in the future, I began to research what other authors did for education.

Creative Writing was the common trend that came from that. Looking through schools and balancing work life and choices that were out there, it became clear SNHU had the best options for me. Yesterday my financial transition was complete, and it looks like I'll be starting down this new path here shortly! Life's full of twists and turns and I'm so grateful that my deck of life was able to take this new trick. 

Ippy Awards

So I am officially branching out as I discover this author world.  I've submitted The Book of Secrets: Mutiny into the Ippy Awards!  It will be going for two different categories both EBook Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror and Fantasy. I'm super excited though I know results aren't released until next April/May and chances are low for me winning; as it's my first book. But one never knows and each new experience helps me learn more about how to be an Indy Publisher.

Don't Let Go is now available!

H. Lodin has completed her first children's book called 'Don't Let Go'. This book will be available shortly on Kindle however the paperback can be purchased currently on CreateSpace. If you have little ones at home this is a perfect book to illustrate the value of friendship. Explaining that as long as you have one another you can get through anything.

What's Next for H. Lodin?

The next book in the Book of Secrets trilogy is expected to publish Oct 31, 2016. To make sure I am giving everyone the best quality work though, I don't want to rush the story and will take a small break doing a side project of mine. In the next couple months I'm hoping to publish a quaint kid's book that originated from a poem that I wrote my best friend Katie a couple years ago.

The story is focused on friendship and how if you have one another you can get through the hardest of times. This book will be available paperback and linked through this website. If you have little ones at home I recommend for any children under 10. Happy holiday's everyone!  

It's Officially Published

Mutiny Parts 1-3 are officially released! Available on Nook, Kindle and Paperback please if you snatch one remember to let others know what you think. Unfortunately as the paperback is print on demand I'm unable to lower the price do to manufacturing costs as well shipping. I am still working on the next book, Retribution, so stay tuned for a future release. I am also on facebook, twitter, Instagram and tumblr if you have any questions or feel like discussing anything regarding the book. I hope you all enjoy reading the books now and have as much fun as I did writing them.