Trying on shoes

One of my preferred challenges is putting myself in others shoes. Or more technically called trying to express another's perspective. As I go through and clean up the next book in my trilogy. There's is a moment where King Stone needs to express himself in a rage, but doing so similarly to an upset father. Struggling with the wording I had to look at my husband and ask his input. Phrasing the question as, "If we had a child who snuck out and returned, you'd need to be enraged so they didn't do it again. But also relieved they made it back unharmed."

These situations are what I love to challenge myself with. Making the characters more believable with their own personalities while coloring it through diversity. It helps in the military having met so many different people with a wide range of backgrounds. But sometimes trying to imagine myself in a situation proves difficult which is where I have to appreciate my family and friends with the random, "So if this happened....what would you do?"

Attention to Detail

One of the things I struggle with the most in writing, is attention to detail. Should I write, "She walked into the room and immediately pounced upon her long lost friend hugging him closely." Or should I write, "Walking into the room I felt the cold ocean breeze surround me form the open bay window. Noticing the warm blaze from the fire place balance the wind calmly from it's place. Toes soaked into the gray plush carpet as my sight caught the rows of books along with two Victorian style chairs taunting me with rest. A deep familiar chuckle made me forget all of this though as I snapped my eyes to my long lost friend and leapt into his arms squealing." And thus the three little bear syndrome takes place. Leaving me with the struggle of how to maintain a steady pace but still give enough details that the readers are able to envision the story.

A couple years ago I took my first English College course. The instructor gave me a small piece of advise regarding details and writing. Explaining that writing is very similar to cleaning a room. When you first clean a room, you don't go piece by piece but instead throw everything to the middle of the room and with each pass, put something away until there is nothing left. When I first heard this, I didn't understand how the two coincided. However after finishing my first book and rereading draft after draft of my second. Her words of wisdom clicked and I understood. If I just focused on one chapter or section of my book too much, trying to balance the flow and order of details, I lose sight of the book as a whole. But if I added/edited the details with each reading of my book. I could keep the story and a steady pace of adding, deleting or just editing.

As I said from the beginning, detail is something that I'm still struggling with. Trying to balance it so that readers don't just skip ahead (something I'm guilty of if authors describe too much) and keep enough description so readers can transport themselves into the plot that unfolds.

Writing and Military

While writing my book, I struggled with incorporating my military life into it. Although it is how I make my bread and butter, writing is my escape from it so this was something that I didn't want to mix. However I did manage to add some sections here and there.

Very few people would probably pick any of it up. The main way I did wiggle it in was by utilizing military slang during some fight scenes. The second way was flanking positions and how the army would interact with one another.

None of it would be noticeable to readers unless there were in the armed forces. But I somehow did want to bring out the military as it is the world I am living in.

Happy Easter everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Posse!

With the holiday season coming up I will be taking a break from posting until after the New Year. This year has been crazy for me, with finally publishing this book that's been a life long dream and just the overall twists and turns that life has decided to bless me with. I can't wait for this to see what is in store for me and my family in 2016. Wishing everyone reading this a Holly Jolly Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Lodin's, see you in 2016!