Where are you coming from?

When I began writing or even reading, I never really realized how important genre's were. Not that either one is better or worse (though sci-fi fantasy wins by a landslide). The way one writes, places together plots and even specific words change per each different style. The first time I realized this was when I began having individuals read my work and became disheartened when I'd hear "Oh, that's good" and then they'd never finish reading the page. Because so much of my reading is in the sci-fi genre, it became discussed with a very small niche of my family/friends, but an instant click with strangers into becoming friends. 

Finding out if readers where familiar with my genre became a first question before having people read or peer edit/review. Without people having the baseline for fantasy it was difficult when introducing a whole new world, in a genre that sometimes had multiple. For example, having someone give their opinion of Star Trek when they've only watched Little House on the Prairie and having no pre-brief on the subject, their opinion can sometimes be more in bafflement than constructive.

Obviously though, I love receiving feedback from anyone willing to read my work. Especially if a part is confusing and it allows me to smooth a part over because of my familiarity with the subject. In truth, this is just a reminder for people when giving or receiving opinions, to think of the other person and remember where their coming from. Because if it's poetry, more often than not I received the message completely out of contexts, as my English Literature professor can vouch for.