Helping the Helpless

In one of my earlier posts 'Trying on Shoes' I talked about how I like to challenge myself with different personalities and expressing their reactions to different situations. In this blog I wanted to expand upon this one for a bit. As I'm going through my second book with my younger sister Amanda, her and I noted that one of my characters Enacon wasn't being as developed upon as I'd intended. Mainly being he was the most challenging character for me to write. So after going back and forth with my little sister I had to find out where to develop him and piece him in the team.

Now pulling from another previous post 'Friendship' I talked about the benefit of different personalities to form a team. In the military we utilize a personality test called the 4 Lenses that breaks down individuals personalities into a combination of four colors. Each color being more or less dominant in an individual explains how they interact in a team. This is a very brief explanation to a whole scientific and psychological test, but moving on I thought through what was taught to me and tried to find my weakness in the book to have Enacon bolster it. In so doing, my realization came when my own weakness was evident, there was no one in my group what in what Four Lenses would label, a 'blue' personality. One who leans more towards emotions and is a peace keeper.

Using this me and my sister began tweaking the book here or there to adjust the frame work and allow my characters personality to shine a bit more. However looking at the situation emphasized for me how if not checked, my own tendencies can come through my writing and not give the diversity that I need.

Emotions always having been my struggle even growing up, it was my older sister Hannah who sometimes would have to stop me and explain the situation. Mainly before I made a situation worse or stopped me from getting us both into trouble. With our personalities so diverse, it's a wonder we didn't completely kill each other. Growing up with so many different siblings though helped me tremendously grow in my own social skills and be able to work with others. Because no matter what family will always love you even if you drive them nuts, others aren't always so gracious.