Identity Crisis

I was talking to my sister and niece last weekend as we did our monthly chat, and the subject of building a character up in a story came up. Sadly yes I am a bit obsessed and the subject of writing came up. While we were talking Kirstin, my sister, was commenting on the details about a character that I wrote and how it's important for the reader in order to visualize the person. Now this may sound simple to everyone as you just read that line, but it can actually be a little tricky when writing.

When I was taking my last writing class this was a problem I ran into depending on the view point that the writing takes so that the transition can come off somewhat natural. For example pausing in a mirror or like my first book "Mutiny" looking at their reflection in a pond. Then to avoid a list type scenario you have to be detailed and short which can be a struggle. I remember reading a book one time and the author was literally listing the height of the male character, and I remember thinking who describes themselves as 5;6 and muscular? Needless to say keeping the character's personality in mind while describing themselves through their eyes is important.

Well that was my thought of the day, hopefully it wasn't too boring!