The reality of writing

Well I lost this post the first time I did it; so here's to round two. 

One of the things that I've noticed in writing, is there's no replacement for experiencing the real thing. Particularly when you go to write about it and unless you actually have done it or lived it, it's very difficult to write out the little things others would miss. It's these little things as well which in some cases make the act believable.

To some this may sound like complete common sense, unfortunately I didn't realise how much of this was true until I compared a scene that I'd written before challenging myself and after. The scene in this case was rock climbing. My main character was stuck on a rock face and had to lower down. When I wrote the chapter I figured that I'd done the fake wall at the gym so had the basic concept; which in truth I did and I'm sure the chapter would have passed basic inspection. 

After though I had climbed a natural rock face though (for beginners) I realised how much more life I could give that scene. The finger tip grips, toe anchorage and having a character with no life line! All of that played into a role that allowed me to give the writing so much more life. Now I'm not saying that you can't write something without living it. With a water scene that I had I'd considered spelunking. But after looking into it I found out it's literally the most dangerous sport in the world and costs a ridiculous  amount of money. Youtube had to suffice my curiosity.

I'm merely saying that reading and googling don't always suffice, so make sure to get out there and live life to the fullest.