Reach for the Stars

Lately I've been going through some different trainings and talks both with the military and college. Although they were labeled different titles, these trainings and talks were centered around resiliency. In my words this means how you bounce back once life gets you down. One of the points that hit me was that when we focus on what matters, like goals for instants, this can help because it mentally assists us to see we're achieving something, regardless of the chaos surrounding us. This may only be true for me but today's blog is how reaching for the stars helped me not see the 'mud' I sometimes find myself standing in.

One of the things that few people will notice is the change through reading my book you find in the main characters maturity. This would be because I wrote this book over the course of ten years. Over this time I had started high school, graduated and joined the military. Not to include deployments and being stationed in a variety of locations. You see the character grew up with me and was something that happened as I myself matured and my own outlook adapted. There were few things for me that sustained all these transitions. My book and writing was one of them. When I finally did finish writing and click that 'publish' button, it was like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. Because no matter what, even if I died today, I could always say I did what I set out to do.

Even if it's just one star that I grasped and it wasn't the brightest one, it was snatched. Needless to say this is what I wanted to blog, no matter what it is that get's you through the mud wave of life, find that star (goal) to focus on. Life will always be kicking you while your down, but finding something to work for even if it's on the back burner can help you mentally get through it and press forward.