Outside Looking In

Over the past couple of weeks my sister has been helping me go over my next book. Going line by line and picking word after word, I truly am speechless with how much she is helping me. One of the main reasons though that this is as beneficial as it is, is our different writing styles. Amanda, who is at lot more artistic in her writing, loves the description and play on words. Where my style is more about the story and clearly relaying the plot twists. Balancing the two different styles has so far placed nothing but a grin on my face as the progress continues.

An example of this would have to be the word 'blue'. Now I'm not sure how many of you can differently describe this word. Having to replace this as 'sapphire' and such, every time this word or another repeats itself I'm having to delve into synonyms on google search. It's small things like this though that the different styles of writing merge into something new. Different skills and different strengths just like any team catches what others miss and alter to make items better. 

Another factor to play into her helping me now with the second book, is when we were younger, she was helping me when the story was just an idea. The characters, multiple different plots forming and really entire world it now resides in. Working it now over ten years later is mind boggling. The story would not be nearly the same without her, if it even would've happen at all.

If anyone's curious about her amazing poetry, look up all All Poetry, author Amanda Lyn Force. I hope everyone likes what were working on, the goal is 31 October for book two in the Book of Secrets trilogy to publish!