Happy Fathers Day!

Happy fathers day to all you dads! I hope everyone is being spoiled and celebrated as fatherhood is by no means an easy task. Today I wanted to blog about my dad and what an amazing individual he is. Also how he did play a key part in my writing and in reality is who I base my father figure from. So again happy fathers day and hopefully the root beer floats are flowing.

In the book that I wrote there are several different fatherly figures that I have. All of them kings however the interactions they have with their children explain further the outcome of their children (the main or supporting characters). The deep respect that I have for my dad is shared through my main character in the book. Because no matter what was going on, my father was always working. Providing a steady and loving environment for me and my siblings...all six of them.

The weight of being a father was the most obvious in the elf king. I wanted to express through him how a child may not know the reasoning behind each of his choices. Though as time progresses much as in real life, the reasoning becomes clearer and the child humbled. I remember many fights between my mom and I that my father would have to intervene, and the startling thing it was typically a simple word that would silence me. There is one part in the upcoming book that I had to ask my husband what it is a child would most fear and he spoke it perfectly "To disappoint the father," and this is true.

So dad's out there,  know even if the kids don't get it right away, they will later and appreciate it. Keep doing what you're doing. And thank you for putting up with us crazy kids.