Creating Creativity

With all my traveling that I do, one of the hardest things for me is to see my nieces and nephew grow up. Missing so much of their childhood while witnessing the picture proof that it's passed. My amazing sister Kirstin has blessed me by helping me schedule a once a month timeframe to chat with all my nieces, which is what I wanted to post about. My latest skype call.

Now my nieces have always been on the creative side. Which my older sister has done an amazing job fostering between home projects and encouraging their unique passions. The oldest of them, Kaili, who has a crazy knack for Legos and creating masterpieces was able to develop this into an interest towards architecture. I simply loved how a fun hobby developed into a possible dream job. Similar how my younger reading addiction developed into being an author. We'll see if Kaili sticks with the architecture dream, as there are multiple different career paths out there.

Watching the innocence of creativity with my nieces though is a joy that I feel beyond blessed to have. I can easily remember sitting with all of them on my last trip home and going around in a circle developing our own story with the one sentence input. The playful creativity where the story literally transgressed into "hippo's farting" reminded me why I enjoyed story telling so much. Making readers smile and thinking outside the box. There's no lines when it comes to being creative and it all stems from our childhood games.