Cultural Differences

Being overseas I've noticed many differences between cultures. It's always hard not to compare one to another and particularly not to be bias. Noting the many different opinions online is always an eye opener to others opinions, but in all honesty the thing I've noticed most is the similarities between people. Everyone thinks their own livelihood is the best, they want to be able to provide for their families and to be respected. Now before this blog takes a dangerously close to political standpoint, I'm going to twist this into my book and writing in general. When writing about the different races and cultures, I tried to base this perspective with the cultures.  The main one was Enacon.

With the mer's being isolated and proud warriors. I bred the previous statement of traits that I've noticed into them to better segregate the cultures. The melting pot theory, were cultures mix together, is what I did for the elves and humans. In previous college courses, over economy they explained how the merging of cultures can sometimes dilute it. Most sci-fi books are very good at isolating and distinguishing different cultures with races. Because of this I wanted to attempt mixing some and see how it worked.

With the overall different cultures, backgrounds and perspective of the different team members, the result ended up being a team that was able to provide and support one another to become stronger. Pushing one another to become better was the intended goal and hopefully became the result.