Back to School

Well school for me starts tomorrow to hopefully finish up my associates within Community College of the Air Force.  This is something that has been in the works for many years however between work and to be frank life it hasn't happened. This is not where I hoped to be when I left highschool and joined the military with my eyes on college. Much like writing the first time I picked up a pen and put my ideas to paper. I feel stubbornness and amazing friendships tends to be the key's to my success.

The additional time that  has taken to complete my degree however has been amazingly beneficial. Because I did not dive straight away into a bachelors in business from my associates from the Air Force. I was assisted by my friends in seeing that I should instead steer towards a bachelors in fiction writing. Getting a degree in what would actually benefit me instead of changing it to what I could use economically.

Similar to writing. When I look back at my beginners work I can see my raw ideas and rough storyline. However with each experience and person that I've met through my life I've been able to add a realistic twist to my story. Not to include my peer reviews. Sharpening the book with each new read or adding in a section here or there to smooth over plot lines.

Life plans as you can see is funny like that. Instead of being where I envisioned myself and planned to be. I'm actually better than where I could have been though unfortunately am not done studying yet.