Writing Habits

My husband and I just recently moved (hence the disarray of postings) and in so doing I was set in the task of reorganizing my home office. While sifting through my things I found piles and piles of notebooks that have writings all the way back to my high school years. Now reading that line you will have one of two reactions, the sentimental reaction where you hold onto it and think about scrapbooking one day. Or you have the efficient reaction that is confused as to why I would keep piles of pointless papers.

Now at first and for the past SEVERAL years I've had the sentimental reaction as these notebooks are mixed with school work, staff meeting notes, plot twists and other stories that I'm thinking of writing. The problem is I'd already made most useful notes virtual and I'm running out of places to hold literally 20 different notebooks. So I self appointed myself the task of flipping through each and every page to tear out and file away the different pages of my original works. This had me up until 1am and gave me an additional box of things I will need to shred...eventually.

The main thing that I want to hit on in this post is a comment that my friend made to me one time as she was listening to another individual explain that they didn't write because they had nothing to write with. In other words didn't own a computer. Sifting through my notebooks I found in one section the entire first four chapters of my book that I wrote when I was 15 because my laptop didn't have a 'floppy disk drive' and no internet. This made it so I had to  transcribed my work onto pen and paper and continued to write this way until I could acquire a computer.

There are several other examples that my friends have unfortunately witnessed of my writing antics. Story plots developing mid staff meetings or the infamous napkin and pen snatching just because of an idea that plops into my mind. This being the reason when my friend heard someone couldn't write because they didn't have a computer, laughed at them. I'm not saying this to be big headed, only that if you want to write, you just need to grab a pen and paper.