Trying on shoes

One of my preferred challenges is putting myself in others shoes. Or more technically called trying to express another's perspective. As I go through and clean up the next book in my trilogy. There's is a moment where King Stone needs to express himself in a rage, but doing so similarly to an upset father. Struggling with the wording I had to look at my husband and ask his input. Phrasing the question as, "If we had a child who snuck out and returned, you'd need to be enraged so they didn't do it again. But also relieved they made it back unharmed."

These situations are what I love to challenge myself with. Making the characters more believable with their own personalities while coloring it through diversity. It helps in the military having met so many different people with a wide range of backgrounds. But sometimes trying to imagine myself in a situation proves difficult which is where I have to appreciate my family and friends with the random, "So if this happened....what would you do?"