Fantasy Markets

In most fantasy books I read that utilize a world similar to mid-evil times. There is always a market scene. Talking about people and smells, well today I was actually able to visit one. The different vendors offering their wears and the customers anticipation to see what the next vendor sells. Not even mentioning the smells of the trailers where chefs cooked to try and lure their customers.

It was a wonderful experience and one I'll utilize when I talk about future markets. True it's not as big or grand that would be depicted back in the day. But the sight of people grocery shopping through these vendors verse a regular grocery store set off my imagination as reading only teased at. Furs and clothes being sold made it easily understandable how it could be in the stories. Going to your favorite vendor as well if it is/was a shady vendor how the situation could turn dire.

Overall I'm grateful that I've been able to see something not everyone can.