Themes for the future

Apologies for being away and missing the weekly blogs, unfortunately one does not appreciate the small things such as Wi-Fi until you don't have it. Recently there's been a lot of traveling so I thought I might share my thoughts as it contributes to future writing. One of the many historic places I visited was the Ely Cathedral. With it's level of detail and size, it was not hard to make me think of the dwarves or even multiple kingdoms that I write about. But in truth I hadn't done the level of description justice.

Imagining how the stone structure could have lasted so long with the level of detailed carved into it's stone. Not to include the gargoyles, stained glass windows and carvings chiseled into the entire building. Having thought that I'd captured enough for descriptions from previous books and entertainment I watched. I can say that these types of buildings will be what I'm trying to capture when the time comes in the future for writing. I hope in my future travels I'll be able to absorb more areas to assist with future writing.