Lessons Learned

This week I wanted to do something a little different than the normal blogs about my book. Instead this is a compiling of all my harsh lessons in writing that I have learned: 

1. BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP! This lesson was taught to me when I had a computer whose 'floppy disk' and cd drive didn't work with no internet. It later crashed deleting my first draft.

2. Write everything down. Even if it is a drifting thought and written on a napkin. You can always transcribe it later onto your computer.

3. Editors aren't always right. With my first editor going through my work I accepted every correction she gave me. While reviewing it I had to cut ties after the first several chapters. She'd butchered it. This individual was correct grammatically but editing for an essay and book are a little different. Later I found an amazing editor that unfortunately wasn't able to complete the process. However the harsh lesson was noted.

4. You can't please everyone. When I first had people reading my work I hung on every word and comment. Often times being torn between making the reader happy or staying true to the story. I love hearing others opinions, but now I realize that it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Often readers don't see the whole picture in the book or it's the reader personal preference.

5. Have fun. While looking into publishing my work this was something my husband kept repeating. Looking at how much it was going to cost or stressing over a deadline that I'd made myself. Boiling it down I love writing and creating these magical worlds. I just can't let the worlds consume me.