Tick Tock

Time is a finicky thing. When you look forward in life, you think you have an endless supply of it, but when you look backwards, it seems that there’s not enough. There are countless stories and quotes from people saying similar things, but my favorite is Theodore Roosevelt’s, “Nothing in life is worth having or doing unless it means effort…”

Writing for me is worth doing, but I seem to be making less and less time for it as I shove it aside for easier things. My push now is do complete these posts bi-weekly and make more of an effort to complete my original trilogy and finish nine more short stories. That I guess you could say, is my belated New Year’s Resolution.

Hopefully you’ll see a lot more blogs, stories and New News from me in the coming future. Nothing in life comes easy, but these stories have to get out of me so I can stop living in ‘La La Land’!

Happy 2019 everyone!