Nazgor's Axe

Above was my original sketch of Nazgor's axe. Somehow it never really developed from the original idea. His fighting style was always slow and steady when I thought of his character. One of the fun things for me was customizing the different characters with weapons and styles.  Drawing them out in sketches and researching different weapon types. It brought personality and a slight twist when forming the battle scenes.

The one thing though that I always tried to capture was the adrenaline spike in battle scenes. The perspective of time and how it slows. Personally experiencing this through different training exercises while in the military and self defense classes. This was something that was always important to pass on through to readers. I've read books in the past where the battle scenes last five to ten pages. Swirling swords and leaping on walls. As I'm sure a very athletic person or elf could last that long. For me I wanted to give the characters some relevance and did this through the reality that with high adrenaline you burn out of energy quickly. Mid fight, five minutes can feel like five hours.