Mamazota is easily my most favorite beast that was created in my book. The name was derived from the Spanish word for 'Big Mama' and her lore is later illustrated in the second book. The creation of the leviathan came about during a walk my husband and I took. I was picking his brain trying to find a monster that I could use for underwater. The concept of a massive beast lurking under the sapphire blue serenity intrigued me ever sense we took a cruise and I saw how gigantic the ocean really is.

After my husband explained to me the leviathan I began researching it on my favorite search engine. Between the biblical and fictional results I began to love the idea as there were so many references to both the look and size of the monster. This is one of the main reasons that I never stated how big the leviathan was in the book. That feeling of smallness or helplessness do to the sheer size of the leviathan was something that I wanted communicated through the writing. One of the first times I wrote out the leviathan in the book my husband assisted the tweaking of  the adjectives for my purpose to be expressed correctly. Now the image of the leviathan is one of my favorites to re-read.