Before I begin rambling about Enacon one quick random fact about him is that his first name is just scrambled up letters of his last. Alright going back to the pompous prince Enacon. I love to tease and make fun of him in the book. One main reason is that when he was first created I was a teenage girl who read and watched too many Disney movies. The love at first sight, far off prince and perfect maiden in distress. Prince Fishy here was that prince for me. So I take a lot of zeal in making him beyond annoying and mixing that with the princess's ruthless sarcasm. Unfortunately between the military and customer services jobs I've had over the years, I had a lot of ammo to create Enacon's character more pompous than he probably should be. But the chemistry between Lia and him makes me smile each time they get in a conflict.

He also though is someone who develops throughout the books. From his starting spoiled point to where the book ends I hope it makes readers realize how much he's grown. This is something I couldn't do with Nazgor, who had his character and morals built in from the beginning. Liandria developed some in cementing who she was. But Enacon needed a whole new reboot from his morals, work ethic and outlook on life. Because of this he created Nazgor into being a role model and Lia turned from a mere annoyance to a life time goal.