HollyDay Magic

I first want to start this off by wishing everything a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2016 has been a crazy year for me, from learning this world of publishing, switching degrees and moving to England, I'm beginning to worry about 2017. Through all of this though I do need to thank my husband as he's been nothing but supportive and patient for me, and I really don't give him enough credit. So now that we have the sappy stuff done with, on to the blog!

Over the past several weeks as everyone has been getting ready for Christmas, I've noticed all the focus on 'magic' for children and Santa. Being an author of science fiction and fantasy, this concept obviously captured my attention. Countless times I've seen parents assisting Santa to allow children to glimpse his pretense while boosting their joy. A child crying with glee as he spots Santa's footprints from the North Pole or eyes growing big when they realize Santa ate the cookies. 

It did make me wonder though, why do some (like myself) love the idea of magic so much? While reading other authors works, they tend to explain magic as merely something happening we haven't yet figured out, like fire. Back before fire was widely understood, people could be considered Shaman's by being able to 'conjure' it.

I'm not sure I have an answer to this question, but I can say that when writing different scenes were I have magic, I adore it. Attempting to link a ceremony to a purpose, then defying fiction with just a couple words, is empowering. My favorite one is when I perform a burial ceremony with the dwarves. Intertwining their beliefs and culture to the magic to make it more meaningful and 'believable', there are times were you wonder as a writer how to skirt that line. Hopefully I've been able to but today I just want to say that it is something I enjoy.

Again Happy HollyDay's Everyone!