Who are these lethally adorable creatures?

In the book Mutiny I introduce several creatures full of personality. The key players being Triple C, Quishy and Montequeitta (Mon-te-k-ee-tuh). Interwoven throughout the books, you see more of their backstories and situations that made them who they are. Creation of these characters was largely contributed by my husband and I's ridiculous banter back and forth and love for penguins.

Montequeitta's personality was themed off of a stereotypical older veteran. Mentoring those below him and taking care of any he claimed as his own. Tales and folklore surround this ancient raccoon. To the point that sometimes you aren't sure what's myth and what's true.

Triple C on the other hand is never shy as to what he thinks or why he thinks it. The smallest of the posse he is definitely the one with the largest amount of pride. With a personality driven as that of a con-artist, this small pint sized bird is always up to something.

Quishy meanwhile became someone that could only be described as Triple C's 'muscle'. Always looking out for his smaller friend and nicely restraining him in when he needs to. If Triple C needs assistants, you can rest assured Quishy's already helping him.

Without going into the origin of these creatures or ruining the book for your enjoyment. I'm unable to explain fully how these lovable creations came about. They mystery as to why Montequeitta loves sockies so much, or Triple C and Quishy's ridiculous love of money will probably have to wait for a later post.