Liandria's Transformation

The main character of The Book of Secrets is Princess Liandria Amastacia. Lia was always a character that I had wanted to be in life. Someone strong, independent and with loyal friends who'd be there through the darkest of times. Liandria was created at an early age in my childhood. Merging my love for dolls and anime into the personality she has today. Her name though came from my first RPG. Playing around the age of twelve or thirteen, the name was that of my character.

The hardest parts for me when writing about Liandria was her emotions. Transitioning her from the pampered princess to a leader was difficult and at sometimes hit too close to home. It was my close friend Katie who assisted me the most with Lia's emotions and struggle to grow. Originally Lia's first death wasn't even highlighted upon, however after being strongly reprimanded by Katie, I did elaborate and have her read future issues until it met her standards.

My favorite though to read is how I'm able to pick up my maturity through the pages. Progressively the content gets darker and more mature do to the time lapse it took from start to finish. The difficult part with having such a long time lapse I can easily say is that any major scene you read about, I had at least three to four different ways I'd previously written.

Between being my secret idol when I was younger and growing up alongside my fantasy character, Lia was practically my imaginary friend. She grew and matured as I did in real life. Through all the struggles I faced in writing out her development from sheltered child to a strong leader, she's someone that will always be close to my heart.