Human Nature

Well I officially am horribly delinquent in posting my blogs lately. Being back in school has unfortunately thrown my schedule a little off and my goal is to get back into posting weekly. Currently I am attending a humanities class as well a social science. This concluded into a 30 minute whining spree to my friend and after getting into the course work, I can clearly see the benefits for writing. Human nature is a funny beast.

Between learning about the past societies in humanities and the different analytical data in social science, has resulted in creating different cultures and races in my books having a whole different appeal. Our own human history and societies are so diverse it's mind boggling. Where a culture off an island of Australia can be isolated and have it's set path for centuries, one monarch or one individual can change all of that over a course of a couple years. Material for different books and platforms or settings to stage future stories is literally right in front of me as I'm taking these classes, I am beyond grateful that I decided to change my degree plan.

These courses though did also explain to me how much I need to develop future cultures when I go about creating new ones. I never realized how much history our own does and the fact that everything ties into each other, even the art trends during different revolutionary stages. Here's hoping that my new stories will reflect everything, or even partially, what my teachers are trying to explain to me.