The Dark Side

I officially realized that I cannot draw the undead! So I wanted to talk a little bit about the darkness in the book. Particularly the death scenes and undead. Whenever anyone who knows me read the book for peer reviews I always receive the same question, "What is this side dark side I did not know about you?"

When first writing the book, this was the side I struggled with the most. I couldn't have a story with no enemies or 'bad guys'. The creation of the enemy/bad guy wasn't something that came natural to me and I didn't want to just skim off another persons imagination. The book was in fact almost entirely complete before it became what it now is today.

My husband, probably in our first year of dating, was the one who came up with the undead in the book. His genre being more the gore, creepy books and games. The concept in truth is entirely his doing. My mind pretty much just ran with it and twisted it into the book.

For the gruesome death scenes well, we'll just say it takes me a couple tries before I can get them right. But I did try to limit them in the book so it's not completely dark, and the balance of the cute critters helped me with that.