Melvin's Origins

Melvin is a very much undermined character in this book. He originated from a friend of mine, Nicole, back in high school. She had read my book and was probably my first critic. The reason being that back when I first wrote the book, I started midway through what it is now. I had compensated for it by having multiple flashbacks because I wanted a hook and not have a slow build up to the action. This friend of mine was wise beyond her years, saying that it broke the story too much and it'd be best for readers to relate to the characters by having that foundation. Her second advise, was Melvin.

She literally drew up this picture while sitting in class with me, telling me that I needed an ice breaker. This is also before I had the pay pay's or posse. Nicole brought up several examples from popular books and described Melvin's personality. For some reason whenever I wrote him I thought of Johnny Depp.

Unfortunately his role did change in the book. But because of Nicole's advise and unique character she gifted me with, I never could quite remove him from the story. Plus we never really stayed in contact after graduation so I had no other way to thank her for all she did to assist me with the book. Hopefully one day I'll be able to hank her properly, but for now, I just hope she'll read the book and know Melvin stayed true to his origins.