Growing up in a large family as I did, I had two older sisters, Kirstin and Hannah. Like most sisters they have complete opposite personalities and play different support roles in my life, similar to Juleana. Juleana's task oriented and proud nature came mostly from my eldest sister. The iron will and no nonsense attitude are a complete key attributes that make Juleana who she is. For my sister being the eldest of seven it kind of speaks for itself. However Juleana has moments where she lowers that demeanor and becomes empathetic, this is more my other sister Hannah's role in my life. Stripping down the drama she finds the root of the emotion and brings it to light in her gentle way.

Having developed Juleana in my younger years, I know this is not something I actively did. In truth only writing this out now did I figure out this is where she came about. Trying to distance my family from active characters in the book to avoid misconceptions, it seems regardless they are intertwined after all.

Her character and Nazgor's were the only two that have been there from the beginning. Coming from a superhero that I saw on tv, her role always remained the same. Where a lot of characters changed with the story, I can honestly say Juleana has always been my steadfast charcter.