Holly was born and raised in Portland, OR. Growing up in a family of seven kids, she developed her love of fantasy through her brothers and video games.

She was never one to approve anything at face value, watching Disney Princesses she'd compete and twist the plot to her liking.

Each night while struggling to sleep, Holly would then develop her stories to make them suit her liking. It was during one of those times her brother, James, came and told her his story. Before she knew it Holly was thirteen years old and writing notes in a notepad of her perfect headquarters.



A rich imagination never left this young lady. Her Uncle Jon entered her developing mind at the age of sixteen. Tossing around ideas about stories they were both working on.

Unsure how to start was Holly's biggest flaw so her uncle instructed his niece to close her eyes and just say what she saw. This three page narrative became the first three pages she ever wrote. Now basing her first book on the same story nearly ten years later, Holly still twist every movie to her liking and loves that fantasy world with its disregard to rules.


Now married, her husband shares this imagination and love for reading. Both are employed by the United States Air Force. Lodin has found writing to help through her deployments and has always loved the challenge to find new twists in plots with her coworkers.

Currently pursuing a Bachelors in Creative Writing through SNHU, her love of writing is being broadened by education as well as practice.

An adventure has presented itself. Self-Publishing her fictional work titled The Book of Secret’s Mutiny, The Ring of Keys and several children books that inched in there. Holly loves anything to do with the Science-Fiction Fantasy realm. Hopefully you will find as much pleasure in reading her work as H. Lodin had in writing the work.